How to get sc st obc caste certificate in Karnataka


Caste certificate is an essential document for those individuals who are belongs to other backward community or region. The applicants who wish to obtain the caste certificate can apply either online or offline mode. The caste certificate is very useful in each and every term. The state govt has decided to provide the same facilities in terms of education and other privileges which other applicants are having in the state.

Caste certificate is generally issued by the concerned district Tehsildar or Sub Divisional Magistrate.

In order to support and issue to avail the facilities of reservation in various courses and jobs, applicants must fill the application form for the  Caste Certificates which is issued by the competent authority. In Karnataka, the Tahsildar, a Taluk level functionary, is having the authority to issue Caste Certificates.

Procedure to Get Caste certificate in Karnataka:

The application forms for Caste Certificate are easily available either online or offline from the concerned local department in the City/Town/Village, which is usually the office of the e-Disha Centre Tehsil or Sub-Tehsil Level.

If in case no one of your family member have earlier been issued a Caste Certificate, then in that case a local or general enquiry will be conducted before issuing the Caste Certificate to you.

Also you need to give the proof of residence in your State for a specified period, an affidavit which states that you are truly belong to a Scheduled Caste and the court stamp fee are required at the time of application.
Applicants are required to submit an application form which is furnished with the required details of their caste, income and other relevant information to the Taluk office, in whose jurisdiction the candidate usually resides.

The application submitted by the applicant will be verified by the concerned officer in the Taluk office and it will be then forwarded to the concerned revenue office. The revenue officer will verifies the details of the application by visiting the candidate’s residence address which he/she filled in the form and submits a report with a recommendation that the given details are correct. Then the concerned  Tahsildar will verifies the report and it is his report that either approves or disapproves the application.  The recommendation is Based on the Tahsildar’s orders that the  certificate is issued to the applicant.

Concerned Authority:

The Village Accountant/Revenue Inspector, as the case may be, the Tahsildar and the Caseworker at the Taluk office.

Necessary documents to get ST SC OBC certificate in Karnataka:

Here we are providing you the supporting documents list which is useful to know more about the same. And these documents are enclosed along with the application form:

1. An application Form

2. Copy of Ration Card / Copy of Voter Card / Name in the Voter List (one of them)

3. A report regarding caste Patwari / Sarpanch

a. Income report

b. Residence Proof

c. Caste / religion report

d. In case of Women caste certificate before marriage

4. Self declaration Certificate that the above given information is correct.

Fee Details:
The total fee for the issuing the caste certificate will be charged Rs. 15/- only for per certificate.

The caste certificate will be delivered to the applicant within 7 days from the date of application.

  1. kiran says

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    I want to obtain caste certificate and i have only voter card..( which includes address, name, and DOB )
    is this document is sufficient??
    Please assist me.


    1. Roshan says

      Yes you can. You need to provide a self affidavit stating about your income and caste.
      so while submitting the form you submit this along with voter id or aadhar card photocopy.
      Then it is the job of the revenue inspector to come and inspect . If you do have TC that would be okay.

      1. Sandhya says

        Hi sir/madam
        I need to know reddy(ganjam) falls under which caste category in central government. I belong to obc community in Tamilnadu. I am looking forward for your assistance.


  2. sudarshan says

    please send OBC cast certificate format

    1. Krishna Das says

      I want to new apply caste certificate , which type of document required please send me mail , which under comes under OBC category thanku

  3. avinash says

    hi, i am a resident of karnataka since 2007(i.e 8 years) and my hometown is in uttar pradesh and i belong to YADAV caste which come under obc category 1.what is the detailed procedure and documents required to get a category 1 certificate from karnataka to get admission in KCET……… thank you

  4. M.A.Vajramanivenkatesh says


    1. shamidali.a.naikodi says
  5. vinod pawar says

    i want sc caste certificate

    1. Anonymous says

      Apply it

    2. Manjunath says


  6. Surya says

    Hi Sir/Ma’am,

    Now a days getting certificates possible only through money. even though we have all the documents but still we need to pay some amount to get affidavit from concern advocate.

    I want clarification on whether is there any advocate only meant for giving that affidavit and is there any recommended fee as per government rule? If so, how much will be the minimum amount?

    And also i want to know without TC can we get caste certificate? Because, mostly in slums even the children are going school has found rare. in such case their parents and any person from one’s family don’t have any TC. In such situation, how we can afford to get TC?

    I’m doing social work in slum areas for the children along with BOSCO NGO which is working for children. While we are applying for RTE we came across these kind of issues. People are spending nearly 1000 and above to get these kind of certificates. These people are already in poor status and also their awareness on these issue are very low. even though we are providing awareness but still it became their habit. So, plz guide me to deal with these kind of issues.

    (Reply an send to my mail)

    Thank You

  7. dhananjaya.j says

    Sir I have lost sc caste certificate dated 2010 how should I get duplicate is it possible to get 2010 caste certificate

    1. Gangadhara v says

      I had 2010 th year caste certificate. But that no have validity mentioned in that certificate.
      How much year had validity that certificate send me. Caste certificate cat

  8. umadevi s.m says

    Sir am married. But am not stay with him. Am all records submit s.c cast certificate. Am staying my mother house .voter I.d .old cast certificate all rationcard submit. Revenue asking money am not giving. That’s why my application 2 times rejected. Next action .am failed case in revenue court. I have option or not please help. Other wise. Am apply online.

  9. Rakesh V says

    Ruling government should take concerns from people. Government servants beg money.they have a businee and they maintain broker near their offices. Shame on the government people. Let it admin or police .. ALL ARE CORRUPTED and making the system corrupted. Why people are blind. Common people has raise.. kick the corrupted people from services. They collect money for silly service. If they are collecting money. Privatise it.

  10. adesh d jain says

    i want a obc-3b certificate

  11. sameer says

    sir how to know caste certificate is orginal r duplicate in karnataka a coz of my friend provide fake caste certificate pls help me sir ??????????????????????

  12. vaibhav dashrath kalpande says

    Need for caste certificate

  13. Nikhil says


    I need your assistance in getting the card certificate. I have a niece who is in studying in Pune n since we belong to Hindu lingayat she is need of Caste certificate from Karnataka state.(Her father was born n bought in Karnataka) but from last 20yrs he is settled in Pune. When I enquired in Karnataka they are asking us to provide rational card or aadhar card. However they dnt have anythin except a house which is in my n my uncles name..

    Can u suggest wht can we do to get the caste certificate??

    Pls assist…

  14. Pavan says

    Pls how to get caste & income….i got old caste certificate.& aadhar card only these two docs I have.. ..pls suggest me online process… I’m in very needful…

    1. sathish says

      My father is farmer and i and my wife working as c group employees our family income including me and my wife is anove six lakh shall i got caste and income cetrtificate karnatka to determining creamylayer whose income consider

  15. SUPRIYA says

    I have applied for my caste certificate on 11/05/2015. how to get my caste certificate by online. please help me?

  16. SUPRIYA says

    pls help me in getting my caste certificate which has been already applied.

  17. girish says

    Dear sir how can I know that am I SCK, SCR or SCG please tell me, there’s nothing written in caste certificate on this matter..please help

  18. Raju Pise says

    Hi My Place of Birth is Belgaum, Karnataka and am residence of Pune in Maharashtra all My Education is completed in maharashtra, and now i require Caste Certiicate for MBA but as per Maharashtra Govt.Rule They are saying me need to et this certificate fro my Birth Place i:e Belgaum but i don’t have Address proff of Belgaum Please Help.

  19. Kalpana.J says

    Iam poor family i dont have i want caste certificate and income certificate.
    My caste (scst)
    My address #565gd mara, nspalya, btm 2nd stage, bannerugatta road, bangalore -560076.
    Proof : Aathaar card, bank paas book account, School id card .
    I complete
    10th std. Nobody can help me. MY DATE OF BIRTH 04/12/1997
    So iam trying online.Father name : Jayapal.K.
    DOB –

  20. Deepa.s.t says

    Sir/mam i applied for cast and residential certificate i got certificate in 10 days bt there is a mistake in certificate in my n my fathers name.i asked for correction in office dey said u must hav filled wrong u hav to apply wil take again 10 days in 1 week my counslling is there wat to do?? Thank u

  21. Ravi k poojari says

    Sir nanu Mumbai alli 1972 inda iruta iddene adke nanna hatira cast certificate illa mate munde nanna makkalu saha hatir illa nau kuruba (dhangar) nanna hatir oor nalida election card ide adke niu nanage upai helabeku

  22. arun poojary says

    sir/madam, I am staying at koodlu village bangluru -68. from last 4 years. I have not voter card /ration card in
    belong koodlu village residence, adar card address is same koodlu village residence. can I able to apply for the cast certificate.Thank You

  23. Vaishali says

    Sir/Madam, I am staying in Bangalore past 5 years. I want to do castecertificate to my kid for school admission, I and my husband we both have castecertificate , our native is AP state we did our castecertificate in AP . Can you tell me that we can do castecertificate in Karnataka state for kid and what is the age requirement, and also what are the documents is required. Thank you.

  24. Vaishali says

    Sir/Madam, kid was born in Bangalore .

  25. Brijesh S says

    I have a caste certificate dated 2008 , which i did for my CET seat selection . there is no validity mentioned on the caste certificate . now i need to apply for central job , is the previous caste certificate is valid and more then enough? or should i produce new one again . plz reply

  26. Ravi says

    In karnataka no tahashildar/village accountant knows about mandal commission report and criteria for determining OBC non creamy layer status of A candidate/person

  27. Ravi says

    Even if the candidate is son of group c employees, they still consider income from salary alone and reject,

  28. somnath das says

    sub cast muchi but no fasaleti

  29. Anbalagan says

    We are from tamil nadu and settled in bangalore. Our problem is we are from mutharaiyar caste and for our caste I tried a lot with tehsildar office they replied this type of caste is not in karnataka. So in school we should handover the caste certificate. Can we obtain caste certificate in bangalore for this caste. Please guide lines on the subject matter.

  30. yeshwanth says

    I need an sc caste certificate. but I was asked to give transfer certificate which I don’t have. can a give my brother’s transfer certificate.

  31. govindaraju says

    cast&income certificate

  32. Mayur says

    Sir, I belong to the Billava community which is listed as OBC. I was born and brought up in Mumbai and have been staying in Mumbai ever since… No body in my family has a OBC certificate… My name is listed in land records in Udupi (Karnataka). Is it possible for me to get a OBC certificate inspite of the fact that I have been residing in Mumbai ever since my birth and none of my family members have a OBC certificate?

  33. Anand Jamakhandi says

    NAMUNE – D

  34. Shivaji Ramrao Pame says

    Hello, Sir/Madam
    I am a resident of Karnataka state, dist Bidar, Taluk, Bhalki, Village- Telgaon,
    Sir i was born and brought up in karnataka state my complete education is completed in karnataka from 1st std to Engineering degree My caste is SC(SAMGAR), My old mother & father are residing in Karnataka state.
    Now I am a Central Govt employee presently employed in Ahmednagar Maharashtra, my post is All India transferable. From last 15 years i was left my state for service purpose. Now i have presently residing in Maharashtra state. I have ration card, Voter ID & Adhar card of Maharashta state,
    Sir i would like to request you to clarify me how to get the cast certificate to my children and my self. online.
    Thanking you
    Shivaji Ramrao Pame
    Ministary of Defence
    Controllertae of Quality Assurance
    Ahmednagar (Maharashtra)
    Mobile No. 9421374527

  35. bharath says

    They r asking 1000 rupees for grant me a certificate… Im anger on them

  36. Anonymous says

    ‘VEERASHAIVA JANGAMA ‘ comes under which category SC or OBC 3B ? In Karnataka.

  37. manjunath p s says


  38. VIGNESH says

    How do I applly for correction? whether I have to apply fresh?

  39. pankaja h.b. says

    Dear sir,
    nanage caste and income certificate bekagiddu nanu 2a nalli baruva ganiga jathige seridhavalagiddu, nanage madhuve agiddu husband 2a nalli baruva besthar jathige seridhavaragiddhare, adhare nanna bali iruva id card, aadhar card galalli nanna father name iddhu madhuve adha mele yavudhe id card & ration cardnalli nanna hesarilla, addharindha caste and income certificates madisuvudhu hege haagu yaava documents needabekagutthadhe antha pls thilisikodi

  40. sathya says

    Sir/ madam my caste is Nishad but its not coming in digital computer then how should I make my caste certificate

  41. Jayashree says

    Sir, I’m married but staying with parents for 8 years.In future also i dont want to go there because of some strong reasons.Now I want sc caste certificate for my daughter for education purpose.Me and my daughter having Aadhar no. with address of present stay i.e. my parents address and also having names in ration card of my parents ration card. My sc caste certificate is available n his sc caste certificate copy is also available. I need sc caste certificate for my minor daughter for study pupose.Please guide me in this regard. Thanking you

  42. saleem says

    iam completing my 2nd puc. i aplied for the excam jee adv 2016. but i don’t have my obc certificate.but i have caste &income certificate which is issued by the kar gov. pls help me

  43. Manohar says

    I have my fathers birth/caste certificate issued by his native zp school stating caste as hindu holeaur.I have never been issued a caste cert and there is no mention of any caste in my father is born n brought up in Athani,Belgavi.I am born n brought up in Goa.none of my family members have a sc caste certificate.At present I am residing in maharashtra,and my ration card and adhar card are frm maharashtra.I want to apply for sc caste cert please guide

  44. vivek dabhade says

    I belong to scheduled caste.I was born in mumbai and I am living here since then. My birth certificate is also issued in mumbai. I have a caste certificate issued by maharahtra state. but my native place is belgaum.
    my father shifted to mumbai 46 years ago but i had to complete engg in mumbai under open since the state requires 50 years of residence proof and could not generate validity certificate. now i want to apply for govt jobs .can i apply as a sc candidate. plz reply

  45. Shivayogi Reddy (Raddi) S.H. says

    Dear Sir,

    I have request for cast certificate of Hindu Raddi lingayta, for My children higher education purpose,

    Shivayogi Reddy (Raddi) S.H

  46. Deva raj says

    Mam i hve adhar card and tc with me but i belongs to jain caste der is any method for recieving caste certificate…..

  47. jinendra kumar jain m p says

    let me know that ” digambar jain ” will comes which category ?

  48. chethan says

    I have applied for OBC certificate in online.
    where should I go and collect it, it shows nothing where to collect and status of that application.

  49. Kumar says

    I would like to renew my cast certificate
    Like to know contact details from Bangalore

  50. vaishnavi pardeshi says

    Sir /madam I am Seema khatavkar from belgaum Karnataka married with Mr sachin pardeshi sangli Maharashtra.l belong from caste Hindu namdev shimpi obc.since 10 years I am living in sangli .I applied to get caste certificate from sangli .I gave my father’s income and caste certificate but they are not giving me any response.please tell me what to do?

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